Translation: irritating

Sample Usage: "This back brace is teeranatin' my side."

Submitted by Joann M.


Translation: telemetry

Sample Usage: "They had to move her to a different unit in the hospital because they put her on telepathy"

Submitted by Joann M.


Translation: treadmill

Sample Usage: "I got to walk on the threadmill for my therapy every day."

Submitted by CarolLynn S.

time in all

Translation: Tylenol

Sample Usage: "My doctor told me to take three time in all for the pain."


Translation: tracheotomy

Sample Usage: "They couldn't get him off the breathing machine and had to do a trachenometry."

trick a monkey

Translation: trichomonas

Sample Usage: "I got down with my boyfriend and got trick-a-monkey."

Submitted by Emily E.

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