Translation: exercises

Sample Usage: "My doctor to me to do my ectercises every day."

electric lights

Translation: electrolytes

Sample Usage: "The doc said I felt bad because my electric lights are off."


Translation: emaciated

Sample Usage: "A patient once complained to me regarding the long wait to be seen in an ER with her husband sitting there all emancipated in his wheel chair."

erotic heartbeat

Translation: erratic heartbeat

Sample Usage: "The doctors said your father has an erotic heartbeat."

Submitted by Mike D.


Translation: evaluation

Sample Usage: "I have to go to my doctor for an evaleation."

exagerbate - exagerbated

Translation: exacerbate - exacerbated (to increase the severity of (disease, ill feeling, etc.; to aggravate.)

Sample Usage: "My low back pain was exagerbated by bending over and lifting the anvil off the floor."

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